Public speaking and business presentation skills are crucial, yet often undervalued, aspects of success. Great success in life most often comes to those who access, inhabit and communicate their vision with passion so as to gain cooperation and consideration from others. Learn to communicate with passion and power and you exponentially increase your opportunity for success.

0950C-17-Carousel-Common6-572x257_tcm3739-523098In today’s aggressively competitive economy, you must always be on your game and you must constantly and effectively sell your vision and your value to your audience. That audience might be your employees, your investors or prospective investors, your boss, prospects and customers, even your friends and your spouse. If you aren’t selling effectively, you risk replacement. If your public speaking or presentation skills are lacking, it’s quite possible that your success will also. Even if you have acquired considerable success, if your communication skills are inferior, you are denying yourself even greater levels of success.

Public speaking and business presentations are about selling the audience on the positive experience and the benefits to them if they buy into and act on your message.

Public communication, whether in a sales presentation or a speech, has three primary elements: Content, structure and delivery.

To effectively present on stage, in life or in a business or sales presentation, you must first access, connect with and gain command over yourself, your unique voice and vision; your special personality and communication style.

banner_businessThen you must learn how to communicate physically, verbally, mentally and emotionally. Connected and expressing from your core genius. Your personal brilliance. To express with open, free, passionate, dynamic freedom and connection to your vision, message, soul, mind, body, voice and intention.

Next you must gain control over your expressive freedom. Technical mastery such that you don’t run a muck with your creative freedom, but are able to hone it like a laser with your intention, behavior, actions and spoken words.

Then you must connect with your specific message in this particular circumstance. What does this message mean to you? What do you believe it will or should mean to your audience? How will this massage materially benefit the audience?

Now, you must populate your message with the exact words that most precisely, concisely, rationally, and passionately articulate your message so as to have the greatest impact on your audience? You must craft the most compelling and effective content, the words, for your message to communicate your vision and reach and move the audience?

Then you must structure, sculpt that content for maximum impact and assimilation by yourself and the audience. Notice I include you into those that must be impacted and motivated by your message. Your audience will be only as motivated and moved as you are. If you aren’t no one else will be.

Finally, you must take the product of these disciplines and activities and actually connect with your audience with full attention, intention and active awareness of their receptivity to your message. You must persuasively communicate your message one person at a time. Even if you speak to an audience of 500, your message must be delivered to one set of eyes, one mind, one heart, one soul at a time with your complete attention, intention and focus. It’s your job to inspire, coach and lead the audience down a clear, concise and vivid path to their benefit through your voice, your message and your passion.

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